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Boards and Commissions

About and Application Process

About Board and Commission Appointments

Gubernatorial appointments are an ongoing process, with approximately 900 appointments being made throughout the year.

Please note that the majority of boards and commissions have certain qualifications of appointment that must be met as set forth in the Code of Virginia. Additional information about the boards and commissions may be found in the Annual Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Also known as the "Blue Book," the Report details the purpose, powers and duties of each board, seat qualifications or requirements by Code, and a listing of current board members.

The Governor makes appointments to three types of boards and commissions:

  • Advisory — An advisory board, commission or council serves as a formal liaison between the agency and the public, ensuring that the agency understands and responds to public concerns and that the activities of the agency are communicated to the public. Advisory boards provide advice and counsel to an executive branch agency.
  • Policy — A policy board, commission or council is specifically charged by statute to promulgate public policies or regulations. Policy boards may also be charged by statute with adjudicating violations of those policies or regulations.
  • Supervisory — A supervisory board, commission or council is responsible for agency operations, including approval of appropriations requests. Supervisory boards appoint the agency director, and the board ensures that the agency director complies with all board and statutory directives. Agency directors serve at the pleasure of the board.

Factors to Consider

Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia on a board or commission is both an honor and a privilege. Public service, however, is not for everyone. Individuals applying for a board or commission should be aware of the following:

As expected in an open and democratic government, the activities of boards and commissions are subject to public and press scrutiny.

Applicants who are selected by the Governor to serve will be required to complete a financial disclosure statement as a condition of serving on the board or commission.

Unless otherwise specified by law, most boards and commissions meet quarterly each year. However, some boards may meet more frequently due to the responsibilities and functions of the board.

Code of Conduct

Step One: Research Boards and Commissions of Interest

Thank you for your interest in Virginia’s State Boards and Commissions.

The following listing contains the details and description of all current boards and seats available under the office of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources.

The seat descriptions indicate if there is a specific requirement for that seat (a profession, consumer, someone who lives in a certain congressional district, etc).  If there is only a number listed (Seat 7), there is no specific criteria for that seat.  A “citizen” seat requires someone who is not affiliated with that profession.

For more information on the boards and commissions listed below see the Virginia Blue Book.

Click here to submit an application. 

(Vacancies for board seats occur routinely.  If you are interested in a board, please apply so that you can be considered if there are unexpected vacancies between terms.)

Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources Boards and Commissions List

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Step Two: Submit Your Application

Once you have decided on a board or commission that you are interested in, you can submit an application to apply.

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